Tri-ang WRENN

1970 - 1971
First advertised October 1969

1969 Tri-ang Hornby Catalogue

The first appearance of the Wrenn models in the Tri-ang/Hornby Catalogues was in the 1969 edition, No 15. They were branded as



Railway Modeller Adverts

October 1969

November 1969

January 1970

March 1970

Start of the branding


1969/70 Tri-ang WRENN Catalogue



1970 Tri-ang Hornby Catalogue


The first Catalogue with the branding




1970 Tri-ang WRENN nGAUGE Catalogue



1971 Tri-ang Hornby Catalogue





1972 Tri-ang Hornby Catalogue No. 18


Although this was the Catalogue for 1972, Tri-ang WRENN ceased to exist at the end of 1971 with the demise of Lines Bros.


1969/70 Tri-ang WRENN Catalogue



Courtesy Dave Coddington